El Milongón - Show & Dinner

Candombe, tango, milonga

In the heart of a neighborhood with candombe roots, in Montevideo, where it was located the Gaboto Conventillo, you can enjoy this spectacular show with a varied musical and choreographic display of folklore, tango, milonga and candombe.

It begins with the candombe, the most significant and current manifestation of the Afro-Montevideo culture. At the rhythm of the drums, the different characters appeared: the Old Mama, the Gramillero, the Escobero and a large group of dancers of both sexes began to make the audience vibrate. During the night innumerable surprises await those who come to this outstanding tourist show with more than 35 artists on stage, including singers, musicians, dancers and typical characters.

After the tango and the milonga, to the rhythm of the bandoneon the tango dancers take over the stage, a singer intones the most known tangos and milongas. Gardel and other great authors seem to come alive among the walls of El Milongón, smiles of happiness on the faces of each visitor. The passion of the tango mobilizes the spirit of everyone in a mixture of melancholy and joy.

The show continues with the Uruguayan folklore. A team of rural dancers shows us how the Zapateo, malambo with bolas and dances with fire daggers are part of this show.

To end again the candombe is present, with mulatto dancers and the notorious presence of the banner, the couple of ambassadors and the queen, of course, an intimate carnival takes over the place and people who are invited to participate to dance and enjoy in Uruguay.
An unforgettable show for tourists who enjoy a good dinner accompanied by a good show.

Daily departures

Monday to Saturday from 8 p.m.



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